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B12 The Gallery is the ideal multipurpose backdrop for exhibitions, workshops, special events, fashion shows, photo shoots and more, bringing a touch of much welcomed modernity to Ibiza’s arts and events scene.

Gallery B12

Our professional team are experienced at working with both artists and corporate clients like, carefully tailoring events to fulfill our clients every need.

Gallery B12 Entertainment


Our Event Management team double up as talent scouts and cool hunters, selecting and promoting both emerging and existing high profile performers spanning the entire entertainments spectrum:

·  Instrumentalists
·  Live Bands
·  Flamenco
·  Dj’s
·  Acrobats
·  Dancers
·  Lighting Designers
·  Video Projection Mappers
·  Multimedia experts
With such a broad list at their fingertips, our clients
can sit back and see all their creative visions spring to life
letting creativity flow without boundaries

Gallery letting creativity flow without boundaries

Thanks to its functional and technical flexibility, our gallery provides a space where unique and diverse projects can be developed with total freedom. Its external and internal architecture reflects the best of the stylish warehouse scene, sprinkled with industrial chic – effortlessly transforming itself into an art gallery, showroom, or platform for artistic and Marketing Events, Shows, Launches, Business Presentations and Educational Workshops. The gallery’s main motive is to let creativity flow without boundaries.

immerse yourself in luxury

Loft & Open Space immerse yourself in luxury

The loft is an annex to our gallery – offering luxury alternative accommodation, with a creative twist, in the heart of Ibiza. Check in and lavish yourself with some of B12’s inimitable hospitality. The loft space is also to rent for private events

  • 450 m²
  • 1 Openable window of 5,m
  • Heating / Air Cond.
  • 1 Projector
  • 1 Dj consolle
  • 1 Bar
Chill Out

Chill Out

Enjoy our shielded open space complete with outdoor bar. A wonderful opportunity to bask under blues skies by day, starry skies by night – whilst giving you, and our art, a chance to breathe… Ideal for art installations, performances, luxury lounging, chill-out sessions and launch events in true urban Ibiza style.

  • 180 m²
  • 1 Kitchen
  • 1 Restroom
  • 2 Bedroom
  • 1 projector
  • 1 Living room
  • 1 Office



Apart from offering the great flexible space for your event ,we can take care of the following services to create more speciality to your event:

· Entertainment

· Catering

· Promotion

The space can be furnished with artist’s pieces from our database.


Here at B12, we believe that food is an important art form too; worthy of careful planning and consideration.

Culinary art is constantly evolving around changing tastes and lifestyles and thankfully Ibiza, a melting pot of nationalities and cultures, offers a diverse range of foods to cater for this growing market.

B12 provides you and your guests to feast on an impressive list of culinary delights and innovative food presentation/design, courtesy of carefully sourced local catering companies.

B12 Catering

B12 Caviar

We are pleased to introduce B12 Caviar’ as importers of the best quality caviar. Iranian Beluga(000) and other excellent variety.

In addition, we cater to our prestigious events by organising our B12 Caviar & Champagne corner. A sophisticated culinary combination worthy of a truly special event.


We can offer you the following ways to promote your event

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