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Barbara is a high qualified beautician and nail stylist with over  12 years of experience, trained in Italy and Spain. She Specialized in the embellishment of hand and feet, she advise clients on colors, shades and shapes according to tastes and looks.

She lived in Padova where she studied at the Nail School – Beauty Service Line Academy learning the most recent LCN tecniques in decoration and nail design, hands and nail care, SPA treatment and cosmetic care for feet. Continually wanted to better her services she also applies Kylua and Essie protocol product and methods.

Resident in Ibiza since 2011 barbara is the most request nail stylist on the Island. Her services reach the highest standards in quality VIP Service and include: Manicure, Pedicure, Permanent nail polish, Gel Nails, Waxing, Eyelash tint and permanent, Eyebrows Design and tint, Facial Cleaning, 

She provides a mobile Hospitality VIP service to private houses, villas, hotels, yachts.

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Tel.: (+34) 698 460 063

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It is an essential treatment for hand care giving Shape to nails, treatment for cuticles and polishing
It is an exclusive treatment of unequaled quality, providing deep moisture, which revitalizes and rejuvenates hands. It also includes exfoliation, mask and massage
It Is a necessary treatment to keep feet clean which consists of shaping the nails, cuticle treatment, the removal of corns and polishing
It is an affordable luxury that gives the foot a deep sense of comfort. It also includes exfoliation and massage from the knee to the foot
With a permanent enamel treatment the fingernails are perfect for 14 days until the natural growth of the nail uncovers the root, toenails last for more than four weeks. When removing the polish there is no need to clean the nail as with gel nails, it is removed in minutes without causing any damage using acetone.
Gel nails are adapted to special needs. If own nails are broken, bitten or too short we can make them look long and beautiful using an extension of gel on each nail while own nails grow long. Gel nails need special maintenance called ‘a fill’ which is usually done every 3-4 weeks. The frequency of maintenance depends on how fast own nails grow, which varies according to every person.
Basic maintenance to give due importance to the eyes and ease years
‘Mask effect’ without makeup: lasting and intense color for an intense seductive look.
Different types of wax suitable for all skin and hair types is used. Roll On is a disposable wax, homogeneously spread over the skin and later removed with a special paper band. With its flexibility it minimizes the pain sensation. Hot wax will remove the most resistant hair in sensitive areas. Hot wax opens pores, facilitating the extraction of hair and allowing penetration of active ingredients tailored to your skin type.


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